Guest Account Creation

Guests and Visitors to IIT Bombay require a special user account to access the internet through the IITB Network.  There are two kinds of guest accounts:

  1. Regular Guests (who get individual user IDs and passwords)
  2. Conference Participants (who get a common user ID and a password)

The guest accounts can be created only by IITB faculty members, who agree to the IITB IT Usage policy on behalf of their guests.  

   Please click here or visit and login to LDAP to create the account.

Procedure for creating a guest account 

  1. Please enter the LDAP credentials in the new window after clicking the above link.
  2. Please select a suitable addition (only faculty will be able to add)
    1. Add a New Guest Account, or
    2. Add a New Conference Account
  3. Fill in the guest details, and choose an appropriate expiry date for the account (or the end of the conference).
  4. An email will be sent to the GPO inbox of the faculty, containing the user-id and password of the new account.  The password cannot be changed by the faculty or the guest. 

The user ID and password has to be used for authentication while connecting to the wireless network, as well as to connect to the internet using the wired network. 

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