Privacy Policy


  1. E-mail and other personal computer files/data/accounts of faculty, staff and students are in their personal domain and it is Institute's policy to respect privacy of such accounts.
  2. The Institute, being the owner of the computer resources provided to its employees and students with the primary objective of facilitating academic work, reserves the right to access personal account of any such person under the following circumstances.
    • by order of a judicial or a competent law enforcement authority
    • on the basis of a complaint filed by another person or organization (both internal and external to the Institute) which alleges improper use of the account of an user for purposes such as, spamming, sending or forwarding harassing or abusive mails etc.
    • on reasonable suspicion, supported by evidences such as download logs that the account stores and/or disseminates illegal material such as copyrighted or pirated material, hate mails, pornography etc.
  3. The following Committee will investigate complaints received under (2) above and may recommend accessing of account if they are satisfied about the need to do so.
    • Head, Computer Centre, Convener
    • Dean [F]/Dean [SA]/Registrar (one or more of the above depending on users involved)
    • Head (or a Senior Professor) of concerned Department/Centre/School.
    • One or more nominee(s) of the Director on ad hoc basis.
  4. If the above Committee recommends accessing of the account in question, the actual process of accessing of the account may be done only in the presence of Head C.C. or his nominee and at least one member of the above Committee.
  5. If on examination of the account, the Committee feels that a further action is called for, the Committee may recommend as such to appropriate authority. Head C.C. may, if he considers appropriate may, temporarily suspend such offending account.
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