Help, Complaints and Requests policy


1. Network Related: Broadly, the IIT Network is divided into 3 parts:

For all Departments n/w connectivity till the main Department Switch is under CC's domain. In case, you can reach your Gateway but not outside your Department, register your complaint here. For all other cases contact your Department Sysad.

For all Hostels n/w connectivity till the Hostel Gateway is under CC's domain.  For all network related problems please contact your Hostel Sysad.

Residential Area
For the Residential Area, connectivity upto the Switch in your building is under CC's domain. In case, you can reach your Residential Gateway but not beyond (e.g. Department), register your complaint here. Any other complaint is to solved by the residents themselves (e.g. contact a computer vendor).

2. LDAP Related:

    • LDAP Passwd issues should be resolved by Hostel/ Department Sysads.
    • New Student, Staff etc. should be added by Department Sysads.
    • LDAP logins once changed cannot be renamed.

3. Note that posting complaints only on the newsgroups may not recieve a response. So please register complaints at the right place to get a prompt response.

How to log a request/complaint (in order of preference).

1. Please open the cc website in your browser and fill the web form. We prefer this method as it enables us to deal with your problem in the most efficient manner and log it properly

Please click on web report form to register your complaints.

2. You may send a mail to help[AT] with the following particulars:

(a)Name, intercom number, email id
(b)Brief description of the problem

3. You may log your request in a register kept in the Computer Centre Office. This facility is available only between 10:00 am and 17:30 pm on working days when the office is open.

4. Call at 7751. This is the least preferred method. Only network related complaints will be accepted on the phone. Even though we try to make this a 24 hour call number, we do not have dedicated staff for this. So you might miss us on the phone! Also, in this case we have to manually log your complaint. When you do report the problem please do not expect a solution on the phone (the person who is taking your call cannot give you technical suggestions), so please be brief.
What should you expect and how fast:

We promise to send you a reply within a few hours of your registering your complaint. This may not be possible on weekends and holidays though we are trying to improve the situation.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, you should normally expect that it will be resolved within 24 hours. In any case, we will let you know if cannot we cannot solve the problem (lack of jurisdiction, expertise) or when we will be able to sort it out if the period is likely to be longer than 24 hours (excluding the weekend!).

If you do not get a reply within 24 hours send a mail to:[AT] with the subject containing the word ?COMPLAINT? (without the quotes).


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