Mirroring Distributions on FTP Server of IIT Bombay

Policy about Mirroring Distributions on FTP Server of IIT Bombay


Only “MAJOR” distributions of UNIX like distributions such as Linux, BSD, or Solaris will be considered as candidates for mirroring on the anonymous FTP server of IITB. A distribution will be considered as a candidate for mirroring and maintaining (i.e. “MAJOR”) on IITB's main FTP server if and only if there is a sizable base of users in IITB community wanting to use a particular distribution actively on a regular basis in their offices/labs. Accordingly, the following distributions are currently deemed “MAJOR” and hence are mirrored on IIT Bombay's FTP Server:

CentOs Debian Fedora FreeBSD

Gentoo Knoppix Mandriva OpenSuse

ScientificLinux Slackware Ubuntu

The usage pattern of the mirrored distributions will be monitored. If need be, “MAJOR” status of distributions may be withdrawn and mirroring activity for such distributions may be stopped. Head CC may be approached with proposals to consider mirroring new distributions only after forming a core interest group for the concerned distribution.

The Institute reserves the right to modify this policy in any manner it deems necessary, at any time.

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