Posting on Discuss-Faculty

Policy for Usage of Discuss Faculty Mailing List

- Purpose: The “discuss-faculty” email list is primarily for discussion on academic, research, IITB Campus matters and socio-cultural issues of common interest to IITB faculty members.

- Etiquette: Discussions must be kept civil at all times, maintaining respect for individuals and groups even if there is difference of opinion. Specifically, the list can not be used for content which is offensive or abusive to any specific person or group based on gender, caste, religion, race, nationality, place of origin, personal background, age, disability, disease, etc. Users should not promote violence or make threats under any circumstance.

- Non-Commercial Use: The list should be used only for non-commercial purposes.

- Legal Use: The list cannot be used for anything illegal as per the applicable laws of India. Further all postings must conform to the Conduct Rules as laid down in the Statutes of the Institute.

- Overseeing Committee: The above terms of use will be enforced by an Overseeing Committee, to whom any violation of can be reported. Note that the “enforcement” will not be on a day-to-day pro-active basis through “moderation”. Discuss-faculty will remain an unmoderated list. The role of the overseeing committee is relevant only as a committee to which abuses are reported, and which adjudicates such complaints. For each report, the Committee has the authority and responsibility to decide whether and what action is to be taken, related to the membership of the concerned user(s) in the email list. Such action may include debarring the concerned user(s) for any limited or unlimited period of time. Further, the Committee shall have the authority to forward any reported abuse to the Institute authorities, if it so deems fit, for redressal as per due process laid down under the statutes and rules of the Institute. Further, regardless of the actions of the overseeing committee, an aggrieved member can independently approach the Institute for redressal.

- Committee Membership: The Overseeing Committee also has the authority and responsibility to nominate any other responsible member of the campus community to replace them. Committee members should preferably be users of the list. At any time there should be at least one woman member in the committee. The nominal length of term of a committee member shall be 1 year. New members of the committee will be selected by Deputy Director (AIA) in consultation with existing members of the committee.

- Current Committee and contact email:

- Prof. Nutan Limaye
- Prof. Mukul Chandorkar
- Prof. A. B. Inamdar

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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