Configuring eduroam

IITB has enabled "eduroam" wireless network in IITB.

Visitors to IITB from Europe, Australia, and some countries in Asia will be able to connect to IITB WiFi network with their respective university's login credentials.  IITB Faculty need not create special LDAP IDs for them.

Similarly IITB users visiting most universities in these countries can use free WiFi with their IITB LDAP ID, with just a one time setup done at IITB campus. Once set up here, IITB users will be instantly connected to WiFi internet, wherever eduroam coverage is available. Coverage in universities in the US can be found here.

Here is a quick setup guide (very similar to IITB-Wireless connection):

Network Name -- SSID eduroam
Security Type WPA2 Enterprise
Username ldapusername[at]
Password ldappassword
EAP method PEAP
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPV2

It is recommended that you connect each of your device to the eduroam network inside IITB campus first, and accept certificates, before using the device abroad.

Detailed configuration methods for various devices are described below

Connecting to eduroam -- Apple iPad

Connecting to eduroam -- Apple iPhone

Connecting to eduroam -- Android devices

Connecting to eduroam -- Linux

Connecting to eduroam -- Windows 7

Connecting to eduroam -- Windows XP

Most of the configuration will be one time only. Thus, enabling easy access to internet from other universities.

More details about  eduroam can be found here.

 Institutions in India supporting eduroam  can be found here.

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