Configuration for IITB-Wireless

For students and faculty the LDAP credentials are used in the username and  password fields.

For visitors the faculty can provide temporary accounts with valid usernames and passwords for connecting and accessing internet facilities. The details can be found here.

No proxy settings are required.


Network Name -- SSID IITB-Wireless
Security Type WPA2 Enterprise
Username ldapusername
Password ldappassword
EAP method PEAP
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPV2
Encryption type AES


Detailed settings for devices are given below:

Connecting to IITB-Wireless -- Android

Connecting to IITB-Wireless -- Linux

 Connecting to IITB-Wireless -- Windows

 Connecting to IITB-Wireless -- MacOS


Note: SSID "IITB-Wireless" allows connection to any internet site whereas SSID "IITB-Guest" is meant for short term visitors only  and allows connection to servers outside IIT Bombay network.


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