1. What is LDAP Account?

Every student/staff will get an LDAP account, when (s)he joins IITB. Using this, (s)he can browse the internet (using this userid for authentication on IITB proxy server netmon.iitb.ac.in). The user will also get a mail account ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). The user can also log into the  machines in CC user area using the same userid. NETMON proxy access and user-area login will expire the moment (s)he completes his/her study at IITB. The email address may be retained as a forwarding address to an external address of the user's choice.

2. How can I get my mails?

If your account is not expired, you can read your emails through any of the following web interfaces.

  • http://gpo.iitb.ac.in/
  • http://imp.iitb.ac.in/ 
  • http://iloha.iitb.ac.in/

If your account has expired, the mail account will still remain functional as a forward-only account. You wont be able to login into GPO. So if you have any old mails which you want to save, please forward it to some other account. Also, in case, you haven't set your forwarding address, please do so at the earliest.

You can set your mail forwarding address by using this form - Change Forwarding Address

3. How can i change my basic information?

Please login to http://camp.iitb.ac.in/cgi-bin/index.cgi. You can find links to change your basic information, your password, etc.

4. I got mail that "MY ACCOUNT WILL BE EXPIRED"?

In case you have not passed out, reply to this mail and do the following:

If your Identity Card shows valid date, then inform CC Office and show your Identity Card.Write Your LDAP(netmon) User id, and roll number in the "Valid Users List". If your course time is increased, then bring the letter from your Head/Guide and show it in Office. Write Your LDAP(netmon) User id, and roll number in the "Extended Users List". This user id will be valid for next one more academic year, if still your course is not completed, you have to bring the letter once again. If you have joined once again IITB, bring your old Identity Card and New Identity card and show it in CC Office. Make sure that you are writing details in correct List.

5. I forgot my password to change my forwarding address?

If your forwarding address is empty then CC will keep dummy password and send it to you. This is not encouraged, every time you want to change your forwarding address and you forget password.

6. Can I login to Varta?

Sure you can login to varta.iitb.ac.in.


7.  What are configuration details of Mozilla Thunderbird / Outlook Express for receiving IITB mails?

INCOMING MAILSERVER: imap.iitb.ac.in
PORT: 143
Enable AUTH: Yes
Connection Security / Use Secure Mode: None / No


OUTGOING MAILSERVER: smtp-auth.iitb.ac.in
PORT: 25
Enable AUTH: Yes
Connection Security / Use Secure Mode: None / No


8. How do I Configure Mozilla Thunderbird to use LDAP Server as Address Book?

 IITB Ldap server details:

  • Server : ldap.iitb.ac.in 
  • Port: 389
  • Base DN : dc=iitb,dc=ac,dc=in
  • Bind DN : anonymous-bind is allowed.
  • For thunderbird, leave Bind DN field blank.Adding LDAP Address Book in Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird:

  • Goto Edit -> Preferences
  • In the Options window, click on the Composition icon from the left menu.
  • In the Composition window, look for the "Address Autocompletion" subsection and check the box in front of Directory Server.
  • Click on "Edit Direcotires" icon and fill up the above ldap server details.
  • Once Ldap is configured, you can easily find the email addresses of users by using your address book, or typing the first few characters of their name or email address into the To: field of new emails.


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