Essential FAQs


  1. Where can I find most of the softwares? - FTP Server
  2. What is the IP of My Room PC? - Hostel IP Allocation Scheme
    Contact your Hostel Sysads for help with hostel issues.
  3. How to look for faculty/students' email address? - LDAP Search
  4. How to change your personal details, verify any misprints, add new information, or update password or Ldap password? - LDAP Login
  5. How to Check my emails? GPO Web Client
  6. Does IITB Have any news groups or mailing lists? Yes, See Mailing List
  7. My question is not answered here, what do I do? Skim thru the CC FAQ
  8. Still need help? Ask a question? or Register Problems/Issues
  9. FYI - Complaint Policies
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