LDAP Login Creation Policy for Sysads

LDAP Login Creation Policy for Sysads

1. Sysads must create an account for a new user after he/she has been issued an Identity Card from the Institute. Please note that the creation of Accounts for all categories of students are handled by ASC/CC.

2. For all faculty/staff/project staff accounts, please ensure that all the fields are filled with the correct information. Name, Employee Number, Expiry Date must be carefully filled up. For people staying inside IITB Campus the Residential Address (i.e. the fields QuarterType and RoomNumber) will be automatically picked up from the database maintained at Estate Office. For people staying out of campus, such information may be filled up properly. Please note that LDAP data is the institute directory and is useful in locating a user in emergency situations.

Of these, the following will be locked once the account is activated:

Employee Number, Name, Department, Category, Expiry Date


Userid will be initially assigned by the system. The users can change this to something of their choice (at a later date) only once.

Due to the IT laws and the IITB IT policy in force, mandatory fields must be filled correctly for legal reasons. Accounts with missing information will not be activated by CC.

3. No micsellaneous category LDAP accounts can be created for students/staff or faculty under the LDAP. Misc accounts are meant purely for temporary and short periods, for special purposes (eg conferences, institute committees). All such accounts will be created at CC only after obtaining the necessary permission from Head, CC. Sysads/Department Heads may please forward such requests in writing or by email to Head, CC. It is recommended that special accounts for visitors, pre-admission students, and in general, for people who do not hold IITB Identity cards, be made on department intranet servers, rather than requesting LDAP accounts on the IITB LDAP server.

4. Sysad may please advise the users staying outside the IITB Campus to update the LDAP records with their latest contact information. This is optional but highly recommended. It is useful have correct address of users so that they can be reached in an emergency.

5. If something falls outside the purview of this policy, please contact Head, CC.

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