Resnet Policy


1.Computer centre is responsible for the residential network of IITB. centre is responsible for providing connection up to your building's switch.


3.Connectivity from building switch up to the user wall jack will be maintain by CC.


4.Only One connection will be provided per house by CC and only upto the hall of the house. 


5.The necessary IP Address,mask,gateway,DNS etc will be provide by CC, but all the details need to be
entered by the user into the network settings of their computer.

Note: The network configuration details can be found by clicking at the link below.

Resnet IP Allocation Scheme.


6.please ensure that the settings of the browser are correct and also verify the network configuration of your computer. To verify the network configuration ie IP address, Gateway, Subnet mask, and DNS

7.After ensuring that your network configuration is correct then please ping the given IP addresses (Hop-1 Hop-2)  from the link  below.

Resnet Hop List.


8.If the problem is not resolved after following instruction 6 please perform the basic connectivity test as follow:-

a)check whether the utp cable is plugged properly.

b)check whether the green light (shown below) is blinking on the back panel of CPU.



IF NO then----> Change utp cable and try again, if it is still not working,please report to CC


9.If your computer generates unusual amount of traffic and leads to degradation of network performence or

disrupts services, CC will notify the concerned resident and disconnect the computer from the network untill the problem is fixed satisfactorily.

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